Discussion & Negotiation Games


Brought directly to your location, our discussion and negotiation games are great social events for team-building or other gatherings. If necessary, we can assist in the reservation of a third-party space.

You may select one or more activities from the assortment below to assemble your event! Each activity has a recommended range of players and a minimum time requirement. Base cost is $120 for up to 2 hours of activities, with $30 per additional half hour. Sales taxes of 6% apply.


Players: 7-19,  Time: 1 hour

Your village has been infiltrated by werewolves! Each night, the beasts transform and devour a villager, while each day the village discusses and votes on who to lynch. Will the villagers identify and eliminate all the werewolves in time? Or will the werewolves ultimately eat everyone?

Notes: Bluffing and misdirection are the main goals here; teamwork is important, but must be done in a roundabout way with minimal open discussion amongst those who share your goals.

The Quiet Year

Players: 3-12,  Time: 2 hours

After a decimating war, humanity finally prevailed against the Jackals. More are coming, but for now we have a brief time of rest. One quiet year, in which to rebuild and create what we can. The group will face many challenges, from both within and without. It may ultimately prove a futile effort, but within the struggle can be found hope.

Lost at Sea

Players: 3 or more,  Time: 30 minutes

Adrift in the middle of the ocean, groups must decide which of the 15 items available are the most vital for survival and rescue. Reasoning ability, communication, and level-headed discussion will be required. How will the group's decisions measure up to those of the experts?

Notes: This is a relatively simple game, useful as a warm-up or ice-breaker to start a session.

Two Rooms and a BOOM!

Players: 10-40,  Time: 1 hour

The president has been targeted for assassination! The Blue team attempts to hide the president's identity and keep them safe, while the red team tries to get their bomber to take out the president by the end of the game. Spies, engineers, and other specialists attempt to tilt the odds in their team's favor (or seek their own win). A game of deception and logical deduction.

Team Building Suitability: Teamwork per se is tricky in this game, as players will always be working with extremely limited information. Interactions are superficial, and the game is meant to be just a fun romp. Probably best used at the end of a session.



Players: 7-21, Time: 2 hours

In the years leading up to the Great War, seven nations vie for global power. Make allies if you can, betray their trust if you must, and negotiate, plead, or lie to secure your country's dominance.

Note: This is a very free-form activity, with few rules. It is almost entirely driven by the player's discussions, and so works best with more hands-on and dynamic groups.