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"Watch the skies!"

The Megagame of Alien Terror

Presented by Escapade

30-50 players!     7 hours!

What is a "megagame"?

A megagame has a large number of participants, generally 30 or more, and can last for several hours or even a whole day. Megagames are social role-play activities, where the majority of the game involves interacting with other players and working out ideas and solutions to a variety of situations. Recommended for ages 14 and up. For a wonderfuly entertaining example of what this might be like, see the video below of the Shut Up and Sit Down team playing. Warning: About 43 minutes long, and full of f-bombs. :)

Event Summary

In Watch the Skies, players are divided into teams representing different global interests facing the appearance of aliens on Earth. Most teams play major political powers (United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, India, Japan, or Brazil) with individuals taking on the roles of the head of state, the military commander, the chief scientist, or the foreign minister. There will also be a team representing the world press. And of course, there will be the alien team...

The game is organized into a strict timetable of 30-minute rounds. Each round represents three months of activity - military actions, political maneuvering and dealing, scientific research, etc. A total of 11 or 12 rounds will be played.

Each round begins with teams breaking out, sending out the individual members to accomplish their designated tasks. The military commanders head to a global map, where they will mobilize military units and possibly launch attacks, recon missions, send in spies, or other events. Meanwhile, the scientists work to advance their countries' technology; doing research, attending academic conferences to increase standing and resources, and possibly trading technological secrets and deals with other scientists. Elsewhere, the foreign ministers meet at the UN to discuss international relations, make deals, and face other serious challenges (famine, civil wars, etc.) to avoid the collapse of civilization.


After 15 minutes (halfway through the round) the individual team members return to their country's table to report back to the head of state and discuss plans for the next round. The head of state considers all new info and decides priorities for the coming round. It's important to note the head of state does not have absolute control! While they decide how resources are allocated and direct the other team members, exactly what each member actually does is up to them at the time they are faced with a decision.

One of the human teams doesn't represent a world government, but instead acts as the World Press. Their task will be to gather news tidbits where they can (primarily by interviewing government representatives, but possibly though other means...) and to publish a one-page newspaper each game round. The World Press will be quite busy and should not underestimate their importance. The bulletins they release will often be eagerly read, and by influencing the narrative of the game they have a lot of power towards encouraging or discouraging certain outcomes and actions. (But should they? That's up to them!)


And of course, there will be the Alien team. Their organization, motives, and goals are completely unknown to the human players at the start of the game. Much of what the Aliens are up to may never become apparent, but the repurcussions will be felt. The Alien team spends the game away from the general hubbub of the human teams, and communication between Aliens and Humans (if any) is very limited. The Aliens are playing quite a different game, requiring a fair amount of cooperation and careful patience. Competitive players may not enjoy playing as an Alien.

Game End and "Winning"

The game will end after 11 or 12 rounds. A debriefing allows each team to give a 3-minute summary from their perspective. The event will then end, and perhaps players will head to a local restaurant to feast, drink, and relieve the events of the day!

While some countries may end the game in a powerful position, and others may wind up in poor shape, there is no ultimate winner in Watch the Skies. And although there will likely be some dramatic events in the final rounds, there may not be any particular "end game" event. The point is to enjoy the process and role-play as best you can your position in the story.

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