Frequently Asked Questions

What is an "escape room" ?

An escape room is a themed area, often with a story and overall goal the players are tasked with accomplishing. To make progress they will need to search for hidden clues and work together to overcome a variety of puzzles, riddles, and other challenges within the 60 minute limit. The final challenge is usually to "escape", or find the way out of the game area.

Is the door really locked?

No. Some games may have interior doors you will need to figure out how to unlock to advance deeper into the game, but the door you entered from is always open for you to leave if necessary.

What does it cost?

Including tax, our games cost $16 per person. We are the lowest cost hour-long escape room in the country! We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay, NFC cards, cash, and bitcoin. Sorry, no personal checks. Corporate invoicing is available with a Purchase Order. For tax-exempt transactions, please contact us.

Is it okay for kids?

Ages 9 and up tend to do well in our games, but at least one player must be 13 or older to supervise. Most of our games are family friendly, however some may be "PG" for thematic features (spooky atmosphere, fake body parts, intense music, etc. but no "jump scares" or gore).

Children under 9 are discouraged. The puzzles are generally too difficult for them, and the games can sometimes be chaotic and intense, which may upset young children or those who have difficulty distinguishing make-believe and reality.

How many people can you accommodate?

The Lair of Dr. Vile can accept up to 7 people at a time. The Company can hold up to 5. For larger groups, we suggest breaking into teams and playing in back-to-back time slots.

Is the game hard?

Escape rooms can be quite challenging, with only about half of the groups finishing within the hour. Although puzzle-solving skills are helpful, good communication and teamwork are most important. But even the best teams can have bad luck, so don't fret if you don't finish. "Winning" is nice, but the real goal is to enjoy your time playing.

Can I walk in?

Our escape rooms require advance booking. You can book with as little as 1 hour notice, assuming no other group has yet claimed the time. (Currently, our games are all private bookings.) Card information is required to hold your reservation, but would only be charged in case of no-show or cancellation with less than 3 hours notice. Actual payments are made upon arrival. You can make a booking by clicking here.

What can I expect when I arrive?

Please come 10 minutes early to pay, use the restroom, and receive instructions. To avoid distractions or the temptation to cheat, we recommend locking up cell phones, pocket tools, keys, flashlights, lighters, and bags. (But you can keep things with you if you prefer.) After a few minutes of instructions, the game begins. Your group will have up to 60 minutes, though you may finish earlier. At the end of the game anything you missed will be explained, and you can have a team photo taken. Please be prepared to stay up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Are we watched while playing?

There are cameras and microphones for staff to keep an eye on things, and to provide hints if needed. Audio and video recordings may be kept for staff training and insurance purposes, but are not made public. You have the option of participating in a team photo, which will be posted here on the Escapade website, as well as our Facebook page (@EscapadeWyo) unless you decline.

Someone in our group has already done the game we want to play. Can they play it again?

Players are unlikely to see anything new by replaying a game they've done before, so they may not get as much value from the visit. However repeat players are welcome as long as they don't take away much of the game from others, and give everyone else a chance to discover things on their own.

When do you make new games?

There are many unpredictable factors involved in creating new games, so giving precise dates is not possible. However, in general two new games open per year: one in the spring and one in the fall.

Can I reschedule or cancel?

You may reschedule or cancel up to 3 hours before your start time. This can be done through a link in your confirmation email, or you can call. If you do not give sufficient notice, a $35 cancellation fee may be charged. Finding someone to come in your place would ensure no fee.

I have more questions...

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