Escape Rooms

237 N. Main St. Sheridan, Wyoming

$16 per person. Minimum group purchase of 3 tickets required.

By reservation only.

Mystic Mistake

$16 per person, 3-7 people* (3-5 people after Sept. 28)

Madam Zara has made a grave error in her quest for arcane power, and now a terrible magic storm full of tornadoes is heading towards town! You have one hour to undo the errant spell before it hits. Ages 9+

The Lair of Dr. Vile

Ends September 28 !!

$16 per person, 3-5 people*

The criminal mastermind Dr. Vile has threatened to nuke a major city. Your team has come to his volcano lair to stop the plot, but the launch countdown has already begun! You have 60 minutes to save the day. Ages 9+

* NOTICE: All people in the game count towards capacity, even if not participating (e.g., babies). Maximum game capacities are based on building codes and safety standards. No exceptions will be made. For larger groups, we recommend splitting up and playing in back-to-back time slots. We cannot run more than one game at a time.

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