Escape Room Adventure Games

237 N. Main St. Sheridan, Wyoming

$16 per person, purchase of a minimum of 3 tickets ($48) required.

Available Tuesdays through Saturdays ~ Advance booking required.

Mystic Mistake

$16 per person, 3-7 players*

Madam Zara has made a grave error in her quest for arcane power, and now a terrible magic storm full of tornadoes is heading towards town! You have one hour to undo the errant spell before it hits and destroys the city. Ages 9+

The Lair of Dr. Vile

$16 per person, 3-5 players*

The criminal mastermind Dr. Vile has threatened to nuke a major city. Your team has come to his volcano lair to stop the plot, but the launch countdown has already begun! You have 60 minutes to save the day. Ages 9+

* NOTE: Maximum game capacities are based on building codes and safety standards. No exceptions will be made. For larger groups, we recommend splitting up and playing in back-to-back time slots. We cannot run more than one game at a time.

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