Our league is organized into four seasons per year, each season consisting of approximately 7 events: a demo day, five meetups, and a tournament.

Most league events take place on Wednesdays, 5pm-10 pm. You don't need to attend every session, nor stay the whole time.

Demo days are free to attend. Entry to the other meetups and tournaments requires purchase of a $5 store voucher.

For new players, purchasing an X-Wing Core Set from Escapade gets you free entry for the season!

Some Details

  • Dates will be listed on the Google calendar here, as well as on Facebook @EscapadeWyo. Also check out the Facebook group "Sheridan X-Wing".
  • Matches are encouraged to limit themselves to 75 min each, so there should be time to play at least 3 matches per event. Of course, you don't have to attend for the entire block of time.
  • A variety of scenario games and unusual setups will be offered from time to time, but otherwise the default format is simple 1-on-1 dogfights. (Max 200 point squads 2nd edition, or max 100 point squads if 1st edition. Smaller matches are fine as well.)
  • You can play any faction versus any faction. And can play 1st edition or 2nd. However, your entire squad needs to consist of a single faction, all from the same edition. Feel free to contact other players ahead of time to plan matches.
  • Players are encouraged to play a variety of builds rather than just playing the same favorite squad over and over. This is not enforced, but if you don't mix things up you might start to find people less willing to play against you.
  • We follow the official X-Wing Rules Reference, FAQ, and Tournament Regulations, though friendly non-tournament matches can be as lenient as the players want. Copies of these documents will be available to reference, or can be downloaded from the publisher site here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/more/x-wing-organized-play-events/
  • The store may have playmats you can borrow, but otherwise players must bring all their own ships and components necessary to play.

You can participate in an unofficial league ranking, which is a modified Elo system. This method allows players to assess each others' skills and gives competitive players a way to challenge themselves, while simultaneously allowing casual players to jump in without heavy pressure.

To participate in the ranking, simply report the results of each match to our score master. (Who played who, which player won, and the margin of victory.)

Margin of Victory

  • Margin of victory is a useful measure of player skill that gives more information than a simple record of wins and losses. It is also used in tournaments to break ties in rank.
  • At the end of the match, each player finds the total value of opponent ships they destroyed, including upgrades equipped to those ships.
    • If one player completely eliminated the other's squad, this counts as 200 points destroyed even if the total squad value was less than 200.
    • If a large ship has at least half the sum of its hull and shields gone (including points from any upgrades) then half of its point value (rounded down) is counted as being destroyed.
    • If a player conceeds the game, all of their ships are considered to have been destroyed.
  • Find the difference in points destroyed between the two players.
  • The player who destroyed the most points adds the difference in score to 200 to attain their margin of victory (MoV). The player who destroyed fewer points subtracts this difference from 200 to attain their MoV.
  • For example, say Adam won a match by destroying all of Beth's ships (200 points) but Beth managed to destroy 130 points of Adam's ships. The difference in score is 70, so Adam's MoV is 200+70=270 and Beth's is 200-70=130.

Season Tournament

  • Each season wraps up with a tournament event. These will typically be scheduled on weekends, and may last 5-6 hours.
  • Participants will play 3 or 4 matches, each against a different person, in a Swiss-system format. The first match pairing will be random, with subsequent rounds semi-random attempting to match players with similar win records. Final tournament rank will be based on total number of wins, with average margin of victory through the tournament used to break ties.
  • In a tournament you use a single squadron through all matches. Even the pilot cards and upgrades must remain the same, and remain assigned to the same ships. You can add upgrades between matches (as long as this doesn't bring you over 200 points), but then those upgrades will be locked in for the rest of the tournament.
  • No proxies of any kind are allowed in tournament play, as tournaments are offically recognised Fantasy Flight Games events. However third party components (tokens, manuever templates, etc.) may be allowed if cleared by the event organizer.
  • Each player must use their own damage deck. Opponent decks may be examined before play.
  • Each player must bring at least 6 different obstacles. You may wish to mark these (without changing their shape or thickness) to make it easier to identify yours at the end of the match.
  • All tournament squads must be completely 2nd edition compatable.
  • The first 16 people to pay for tournament entry will receive a special promo card, and the top 4 players will take turns in rank order to choose between the top 4 tournament prizes (different each season, but usually consisting of a pool of 2 special promo pilot cards and 2 sets of acrlyic or metal tokens).

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