Host an Event for Sher Con

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Anyone is welcome to bring games and play at any unscheduled open table. However to have space officially reserved for your activity and to be listed on the schedule, you will need to register your event.

New release games are a bit more likely to be approved. But we also want an enticing variety of classics, so please suggest anything you think may draw interest.

We are also in need volunteers help supervise the game library and anime room, or assist in setup or tear-down.


  • Card or board games
    • If you don't have the game, Sher Con may be able to obtain a copy for you to borrow.
    • We have several games donated by sponsors which would be especially good to have events for. These include Thunder Alley and Pendragon by GMT games, and Two Rooms and a Boom from Thursday Knight Games.
  • Roleplaying
    • Due to limited time, it's suggested you provide pre-generated characters for any RPG events.
  • Miniatures
    • Remember to budget sufficient time to set up and tear down your area.
  • Panels or shows
    • A wide variety of instructional or entertainment events could be dreamed up.
    • If you know of any particular guests who may be interested in attending Sher Con, let us know. We may be able to help cover their travel costs and other fees.
  • Activity
    • Teach people to paint miniatures! Have a boffer-sword construction seminar! Send players on a themed scavenger hunt! Build couch forts or card towers! Pretty much anything imaginable.


  • Cost to You as an Event Organizer
    • You won't need tickets to your own event, however event organizers do need convention badges like every other attendee. Your event will not be considered until you have purchased a badge for yourself. However, those who run at least 12 player hours worth of events can have the cost of their badge reimbursed. (See below.)
    • Tables and chairs can be provided. Table sizes include 6' diameter round, 6' long, and 8' long. (Long tables are 2.5' wide.) Power outlets may be available, but are limited.
    • Any other equipment must be supplied by you, or rented from the convention center. You can raise the price of your event tickets to help cover such expenses.
    • If you want your event to be free to attend, you may need to help cover the cost of the space you're using. (Generally around $4-$6 per table or 10 ft square space, per hour used, but this varies depending on the details.)
    • Although not certain, Sher Con may be able to assist with equipment rentals and/or allow free admission to your event if it can accommodate at least 12 attendees and would contribute significantly to the convention.
  • Cost to Players
    • Unless your event to be free, attendees pay a base cost of $2 per 2 hours or fraction thereof. For example, 1 hr and 2 hr events both cost $2, while 3 hr and 4 hr events cost $4 each. (Events longer than 4 hours are discouraged.)
    • You can price your event higher than base cost - in increments of $2 - and have the amount above base passed on to you. For example, a 2 hour live-action roleplaying event costing $8 per ticket would provide you with $6 per ticket turned in. (Though, less 6% sales tax and 2.75% transaction fee to cover card processing, so you'd receive more like $5.48 per ticket in this example.) This can help compensate you for the expense of running an elaborate event.
  • Badge & Hotel Reimbursement
    • If you run at least 12 player hours of events, you may request to be reimbursed the cost of your badge ($12).
    • If you run at least 48 player hours of events, you may request to be reimbursed both the cost of your badge and up to $50 towards the cost of your hotel. Partial reimbursement for less than 48 player hours is not provided. Residents of Sheridan County are not eligible for hotel reimbursement.
    • Player hours are determined by multiplying the approved number of tickets to your event by its length. For instance, an event for up to 4 people lasting 2 hours represents 8 player hours.
    • As long as you show up prepared, you will receive full credit for your event regardless of how many actually participate.
    • You must collect and turn in tickets for your events to qualify for reimbursement. In addition to providing Sher Con with valuable data, this serves as proof you held the event. If no one shows up within 10 minutes of your event's start time, report to Con HQ immediately so you can be credited for being there. Otherwise we will assume the event didn't happen.
    • Each hour of non-event volunteering you provide is equivalent to 6 player hours. Volunteering activities include supervising the game library, running the anime room, helping setup or tear-down, and other approved tasks.
  • Distribution of Payments
    • Tickets from your events must be turned in to receive payments over base cost. Ideally you should turn in all tickets on-site during the convention, but if necessary you can mail them in. Tickets must be received by Sher Con within 2 weeks after the convention or no credit will be provided.
    • When possible, badge reimbursements will be conducted by refunding the purchase to the method of payment, or by providing cash or check to you on-site during the convention.
    • If you charged more than the base cost for tickets to your events the difference will be provided to you as payment for services rendered (less 6% for sales tax, and a 2.75% fee to cover our bank transaction expenses).
    • Although badge and hotel reimbursement are based off event seats available rather than actual tickets collected, payments for tickets over base cost are based on the number of tickets actually turned in.
    • To receive hotel reimbursement up to $50, you must submit a hotel bill showing your name (put in by the hotel, not you) or you will not be reimbursed. Hotel confirmation emails or reciepts are not sufficient; an actual bill issued by the hotel is required.
    • Payments will be distributed within 2 weeks of submitting your collected tickets (and hotel bill, if any).
  • Contact Addresses
    • If you are unable to submit your tickets and hotel bill during the convention, you may email scans or physically send them by post. Use these addresses:
    • Email:
    • Post: Escapade, 237 N. Main St. STE 50, Sheridan, WY 82801
    • Tickets and hotel bills must be received within 2 weeks after the convention, or no payments will be made.


Event registration for Sher Con 2018 is open! To submit an event:

  • Download the event registration form by clicking HERE, or pick up a physical copy at Escapade in downtown Sheridan (237 N. Main Street, Thurs/Fri/Sat, 1 pm - 9 pm).
  • Email the completed form to or drop off a physical copy to Escapade. The earlier you submit your proposal, the more likely we will find room for your event in the schedule.
  • If you wish to run multiple sessions of the same event, only one form is required. But if you wish to run different types of events, please submit a separate form for each.
  • You must purchase a convention badge before your event will be considered. You can do so online by clicking here, or can pay in person at Escapade (237 N. Main Street, Thurs/Fri/Sat, 1 pm - 9 pm).

We will review your proposal and get back with you as soon as we can to discuss your event.