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Cost: $100, or $200 worth of products or services, or combination.


Sponsorship is non-exclusive. By becoming a sponsor of Sher Con 2018, you will receive the below benefits. Abstaining from utilizing one or more benefits does not reduce the required contribution.

  1. Your company logo on our sponsor banner (logo size and placement determined by us, but logo will be up to 1.75 ft tall and 3 ft long) prominently displayed during the convention.
  2. A full-page interior ad in our greyscale 8.5"x5.5" convention program booklet, provided to all attendees.
  3. Your company logo on all fliers, posters, and other promotional materials for Sher Con.
  4. Your company name, logo, and link displayed on the Sher Con website and the Sher Con Facebook page (@shercongaming).
  5. Your company will be named as a sponsor in all advertising for Sher Con, and throughout the convention itself.
  6. Any "swag" your company may wish to provide (e.g. fliers, coupons, promotional gifts, etc.) will be distributed to attendees.
  7. Your company will receive up to five (5) free convention badges.
  8. Your company may claim an initial 12' x 12' exhibitor space for free, and additional exhibition space can be claimed at a 50% discount. Special equipment rentals (pipe and drape background, AV equipment, etc.) are not discounted.

In general, only products or services relevant to the theme of Sher Con, or usable by Sher Con (e.g. advertising, printing, equipment use) will be accepted in lieu of cash sponsorship. Products received will be used as prizes or placed into the library for use by convention attendees.

Please email us if you wish to discuss sponsorship:


Cost: $30 payment, or $60 in products or gift cards

Companies who wish to sell, display, or demo products at Sher Con must reserve an exhibitor space. If room allows, multiple adjacent areas may be claimed and joined to create a larger overall space.

Exhibitors will receive:

  • A 12' x 12' area, with up to two tables, an appropriate number of chairs, and access to a power outlet and wifi connection. Table sizes available are: 6' round, 6' long, and 8' long. (Long tables are 2.5' wide.) Additional tables and equipment (pipe and drape backdrop, A/V needs, etc.) may be available for an additional fee.
  • You may use this space to sell merchandise, run demonstrations, hold contests, or otherwise promote your products or business. Any activity your company performs at Sher Con must be contained within this space.
  • Your company will receive two (2) free convention badges. Additional badges are $12 each.
  • Any "swag" you wish to provide (e.g. fliers, coupons, promotional gifts) will be distributed to all attendees.
  • Your company's name and logo will be printed in our greyscale 8.5" x 5.5" program booklet, given to all attendees.
  • Your company's logo and link will be displayed on the Sher Con website and Facebook page (@shercongaming).

In general, only exhibitors with products relevant to the theme of Sher Con will be accepted, although tangentially related exhibits (e.g. artists, costumes, crafts, books, authors, etc.) may be accepted as well. Products and/or gift cards received in lieu of cash payment will be used as prizes or placed into the library for use by convention attendees.

To discuss reserving an exhibition space, please email us:

Temporary Sales Tax License

Any company or person participating in sales, and who does not already possess a permanent license valid in Sheridan county, is required to obtain a Temporary Sales Tax License from the Wyoming Department of Revenue. State officials may be in attendance to confirm possession of a valid license.

Temporary Sales Tax Licenses may not be used to purchase goods or services tax free for resale. To purchase items tax free for resale, vendors must obtain a permanent sales tax license.

Contact the Wyoming Department of Revenue for more information:


You can purchase advertising in our program booklet or gift bags. Our convention program is an 8.5" x 5.5" grayscale booklet containing event schedules, maps, and other information for attendees. The convention "swag bag" is a sack containing coupons, free samples, and other gifts. All attendees will receive a program booklet and swag bag. The following advertising rates are available.

  • Back cover: $40 payment, or $80 value of products or services.
  • Inside front cover: $40 payment, or $80 value of products or services.
  • Inside full page: $30 payment, or $60 value of products or services.
  • Inside half page: $20 payment, or $40 value of products or services.
  • Swag bag advert: $20 payment, or $40 value of products or services.

The MSRP value of any free samples you provide for distribution in the swag bags counts towards the fees for any of the above advertising options. However, the value of any coupons you provide do not.

Advertisements and coupons for nearly any type of good or service will be accepted for printing in the booklet or inclusion in the gift bags. However, in general only products relevant to the theme of Sher Con will be accepted in lieu of payment. (Goods or services that can be utilized by Sher Con itself - printing, advertising, etc. - may be accepted.) Products received will be used as door prizes, or will be placed into the library for use by attendees.

To discuss advertising in our convention booklet or swag bag, please email:


In addition to event organizers, volunteers are needed to assist checking in attendees, running the anime room, supervising the game library, and a variety of other general tasks.

The convention operates from 8:00 am - 11:00 pm. Setup is from 6:00 am and lasts 2 hours. Tear-down begins at 11:00 pm and runs to midnight. You can volunteer as little or as much as you'd like, at whatever times through the day, but please show up and stay for whatever time period you commit to.

No direct compensation can be provided for volunteers, however every hour spent volunteering or running a non-ticketed event will be considered equivalent to 6 player hours towards receiving reimbursement for your entry badge and/or hotel bill. See the reimbursement section on the Host an Event page for details.

To discuss volunteering at Sher Con, please email us: