Puzzle "Escape" Rooms


The Lair of Dr. Vile

3-7 players. 65% success rate.

Strictly limited to no more than 7 people.

The criminal mastermind Dr. Vile has threatened to nuke a major city. Your team has come to his volcano lair to stop the plot, but the launch countdown has already begun! You have 60 minutes to save the day. Ages 9+


The Vile Company

3-5 players, 45% success rate.

Strictly limited to no more than 5 people.

Only the brightest may join the Vile Company. Your team must prove itself worthy by solving a series of ultra-challenging puzzles and abstract tasks to find the MacGuffin within 60 minutes. Ages 9+ (but due to difficulty, perhaps 13+)

Important Info

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Group Size

Bookings are private, for either 3-7 or 3-5 people, depending on the game.

Arrive 10 Minutes Early

We will start promptly as scheduled, so come early to pay, use the restroom, etc.



Including tax, our rooms cost $16 per person. Email us if tax-exempt.


No Inebriation Please

Anyone under the influence will not be allowed to play. Please celebrate after you win!



Our games are recommended for ages 9 and up. At least one player must be 13 or older.


Reschedule / Cancel

Please reschedule or cancel at least 3 hours in advance, or you may be charged a $35 fee.

Booking Instructions

  • A card is required to hold a reservation (only charged in case of no-show or late cancellation).

  • Payments are made when you arrive. Even if paying with the same card used to hold the reservation, the physical card must be presented at time of service.

  • Your group must purchase at least 3 entry tickets for the game to proceed.